......surrounded by butterflies?

How does that saying go about soaring like an eagle? Thanks to Parkers Steakhouse for great christmas breakup steaks, and to the local street artist who was just completing this amazing work of art outside.

Productivity hacks for 2018!

Less meetings, and more leave days! Sounds good to us! Actually, according to the research compiled in Kyocera's new 'Ultimate Guide to Office Productivity Hacks for SMBS', we could all benefit from attending less office meetings (on average, most of us attend 62 meeting every month!), and using additional leave days to reward employees. #workplaceproductivity

2017:Up and across

Over the years, we've put a wide variety of equipment in some strange places, on ships, trains, in prisons and virtually every flavor of church. In 2017 though, it looked like we went 'up and across', with shipments now going as far north as Townsville, and across to Perth in WA. Each week we have pallets of hardware and pc equipment leaving our humble store in Pako, going nationwide, as our customers continue to grow. Our service guys have made great advances customising our remote support system, so we can now look after your copier in Adelaide or Sydney as quickly and effectively as if it was in North Geelong. Thanks for a great 2017, it's been a blast.

Ex rental Dell laptops refurbished!

Once again we have a quantity of Dell Latitude laptops ready to go. These are full Intel Pentium I7 machines with 8G ram and solid state hard drives. They come complete with bag and Windows 8.1 professional ready to go. Price is $499 (cash only) while stocks last, and make a great second machine or laptop for the kids.

How to achieve a sustainable (yet print-heavy) office

If you’re in a workplace that turns over a lot of paper, you’re not alone. In fact according to Clean Up Australia, 1.9 million tonnes of paper makes its way into landfill each year. For many industries, large paper volumes are an unavoidable operational cost, and to offset that against sustainable office practices seems like a somewhat impossible feat. However, there are many ways you can strive towards being a sustainable office, even if your paper output is bigger than you’d like it to be; and it can be affordable and easy to implement while potentially cutting costs. Be responsible Paper is one of the biggest consumer materials in the world, especially when it comes to the business lands