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10 Tips To Keep Your Office Equipment In Top Working Condition

In a fast-paced office environment, it’s important to remember to keep your printers, photocopiers and other equipment in working condition to keep productivity up. Advanced Office Machines has 10 easy tips that can help your business get the most out of your appliances for years to come.

1. Keep A Stock Of Replacement Toner And Ink Ready.

This is something that’s very simple to do, yet so easy to overlook. By keeping supplies for your printer or plotter on standby, you can avoid a trip for toner when the rush hits.

2. Clean Your Photocopier Glass For Better Copying And Scanning.

Printer and photocopier glass, just like windows, can smudge easily and affect your printer job’s quality. Be sure to clean it every once in a while to extend the longevity of your office equipment.

3. Regularly Check Inside Your Devices For Any Misaligned Or Worn-Down Parts.

Any device is worth the sum of its parts. Even a single component out of place in your wide format printer can hamper the entire process. Frequent check-ups can keep a minor problem from turning into a major one.

4. Build A Relationship With Your Office Supply Provider.

Networking is everything in business, and that goes for your suppliers as well. People will sometimes go the extra mile for a familiar face, so keep in touch.

5. Check The Connection Between Your Networked Devices And Computers.

There are few things worse than having a last-minute project stall because of a bad connection. Verify that your connection is stable to prevent these issues.

6. Thoroughly Examine The Equipment In The Event Of A Paper Jam.

Paper jams happen naturally in printers and photocopiers, even when kept in good working condition. Look over the interior for paper shreds that could cause a jam on the next job.

7. Instruct Your Staff On The Proper Use Of Office Equipment.

Don’t make any assumptions about what your employees know about using office equipment, especially with new hires. Make certain they understand proper procedure to avoid rookie mistakes.

8. Know The Difference Between What You Can Handle Yourself And What Should Be Left To A Professional.

Always know your limits. Attempting to fix a problem beyond your capabilities can, more often than not, only make an issue monumentally worse. Contact a local copier repairs service or printer store for an expert solution to your problem.

9.Keep An Eye Out For Ways To Upgrade Your System.

The world of business can be intense, and you should always be looking for ways to get the edge over competitors. Make sure your equipment has the latest in technology to maintain your advantage in productivity.

10.Contact Your Supply Rep With Any Questions You May Have.

There’s no shame in not having all the answers. Keep a positive relationship with your office supplier, and you’ll always have help just a phone call away.

By following these 10 easy tips, you can keep an edge over competitors and enhance your office’s performance. Advanced Office Machines guarantees that this strategy has worked for numerous business clients in Parramatta, Liverpool, Bankstown and throughout all of Sydney.

Still have questions about how to improve your company’s performance with the latest technology? Feel free to share your concerns in the comments box below.

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