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Make you business a

"Smarter Workplace"


Through custom workplace solutions, Kyocera and Ryrie Office Machines will help your business create a productive hybrid work environment that is secure and resilient.

At Ryrie Office Machines, we understand your business has pivoted during COVID-19. With Kyocera machines, you will lower your copier costs, reduce machine down-time, have priority support and be supporting a local Geelong business (and family). At the end of the day you will have ease of mind and more money in your pocket.


Click here to browse the Kyocera printer/photocopier range or speak to an expert.


Working with Small and Large Businesses

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We're not afraid of rolling up our sleeves and working as a team to deliver the best results possible for our clients...

We're Geelong. And we're proud of it!

Keith Greenwood

Managing Director

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A new era of work. A new workplace to match.


As hybrid workforces continue to emerge and grow, organisations are establishing smarter ways of working that enable employees to be productive at any time and any place. By using the right expertise and technology, these hybrid workplaces provide organisations with the resilience and scalability they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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