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Casio SR-C4500

Casio SR-C4500

Probably the most popular register we sell today.  When 12 departments aren't enough, this model gives you 72 item keys, making for a useful Z read at the end of the day.  We can load a graphic logo if you prefer, and your new registed will come complete with programming, GST, colored department keysheet and prices as well. Ready for you to switch on and begin trading.
Great for take aways, fast food and just about any type of retail.


The SR-C4500 sleek, stylish design will fit nicely in all types of business venues. The 72 key position flat keyboard provides retailers the ability to easily sell and track the frequently sold individual items through a single keystroke. In addition to the flat keyboard buttons there are 7,000 PLU’s available to individually record sales activity of other specific items sold in the store. The SR-C4500 offers other analytical tools that include cashier/operator sales tracking, hourly sales, transaction key and electronic journal reporting. The SR-C4500 comes with a long list of functionality that surpasses most entry level cash registers.

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