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Ryrie Unearthed: Episode 1: NZ golfball?

While doing the big clean up, we found this and we think it's pretty cool. Basically it appears to be one of the very first 'golfball' typewriters. If you were around in the time of the vinyl LP's you'd probably remember an electronic typewriter, which had a daisywheel with all of the keyfaces on it. But before then, came the electric Golfball, which had the key letters on a ball, thus the name.

This is even older though, circa 1850 , and if you take a look, the letters are on a tube or cylinder. What's even weirder though, is the keys aren't arranged in a QWERTY layout, and it doesn't use any ribbon, so we think it may have been used with carbon paper possibly.

Blickensderfer New Zealand Typewriter co.

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